An ionic liquid-based composition for protecting lithium metal anodes in a lithium-based electrochemical energy storage system, comprising a polymerizable ionic liquid (or ionic liquid monomer), the cation or the anion of which carries at least one polymerizable function, a non-polymerizable ionic liquid, an ionic liquid of the "crosslinker" type, the cation or the anion of which carries at least two polymerizable functions, and a lithium salt. This composition is then coated and polymerized onto a metallic lithium surface and serves as protection layer. The ionic liquid-based polymer composition coated as such on the lithium surface, even if is swelling with liquid electrolyte, protects the lithium against a constant electrolyte consumption and formation of unstable solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI), which is continuously forming on a bare lithium surface. The growing of dendrites is retarded with such ionic liquid-based polymer composition protection.

Patent WO2021037479 : 18/07/2007

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