Solvionic, pioneer of ionic liquids

Based on technological breakthroughs in the field of ionic liquids, SOLVIONIC was founded in 2003 and has continued to grow while remaining true to its strategy of continuous innovation. A pioneer in ionic liquids, we are now the only company capable of achieving 99.9% purity across our entire product range. The outcome: unique performance characteristics for applications in catalysis, surface treatment and energy storage.

A commitment to sustainability

We design all of our chemical processes with conservation in mind, by reducing energy consumption, raw materials and waste as much as possible. For example, our manufacturing process employs techniques for creating surfine films that minimize the energy required for evaporation. And some processes are capable of completely recycling the one and only solvent used during production: water!

Un mot sur les PFAS ?


Creation of SOLVIONIC SA, winner of the “Concours des Entreprises Technologiques et Innovantes” (CETI).


License to manufacture and distribute TFSi-based ionic liquid through HydroQuebec partnership


Creation of a dedicated site (400 m²) for production, Research & Development.


Restructuring on a 640m² site. Production capacity increased to 1 tonne / year.


The first funding round raises 4M €.


Relocation to a 2900 m² R&D and production site and the creation of a 20 t/year pilot line.


Filing of a patent pool concerning energy storage that completes our intellectual property portfolio.

Patents family
European projects
Scientific publications
Tons yearly production capacity

Our teams

Since its creation over 20 years ago, Solvionic has grown steadily. And if innovation is at the heart of our work, it is thanks to the talent of our employees, who use it on a daily basis.

CEO: François Malbosc

While the company continues to grow, innovation remains my core value.

Administrative & sales team

We speak 8 different languages, allowing us to better understand and meet your needs.

R&D team

We are constantly improving and designing our products to meet emerging needs.

Production team

We create Solvionic products while continuously improving our production processes.