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Quality and Regulation

Our packaging

All of our packaging (in bottles or drums) is approved for the transport of dangerous materials (ADR/IATA/IMDG regulations).

For the packaging of products weighing between 10 g and 10 kg, we mainly use aluminum bottles for their strength and lightness. Their monobloc aluminum construction provides mechanical protection against impacts and perforation, while the tamper-proof closing system ensures product integrity. The bottles are 100% recyclable.

For packaging over 20 kg, we use 316L stainless steel pressure drums that can withstand pressures of up to 5 bar. The drums are fitted with quick-coupling ball valves.

A certification label to protect human health and the environment

REACH is a European regulation (Regulation n°1907/2006) that entered into force in 2007 to make the manufacture and use of chemical substances in European industry safer.

Manufacturers are responsible for managing the risks posed by chemical substances and providing safety information to their users. All links in the operational chain, from producer to customer, must therefore have the same level of information. Every substance used is to be registered in order to ensure safe use and protect professionals, end-users and the environment alike.